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Expanded Polypropylene
EPP is an initialism for Expanded Polypropylene, referring to foam beads of spherical form which expanded Polypropylene (PP) physically (i.e. non-crosslinking) without using a chemical expanding agent. EPP has the following characteristics:
1.Composed of pure PP
2.Density of beads ranges from 20g/l to 60g/l depending on expanding magnification 3.Basic colors are Black, Gray and White.The
other colors are also available.
EPP is a little more resistant and robust than EPS and has a high energy absorption. Expanded polypropylene (EPP) is therefore extremely well suited for products and molded parts that have to withstand a lot. EPP is therefore particularly popular as a crash pad, bumper or headrest in motor vehicles. It increases the safety and protection of vehicle occupants in the event of an emergency. Another special feature of EPP and other particle foams is their low weight compared to other materials. It helps to reduce the vehicle’s weight, which leads to lower fuel consumption and greater environmental friendliness. EPP is also a fully recyclable particle foam. But EPP is not only a valuable and practical material for the automotive industry. EPP can be used in almost all industries where lightweight potential, insulation and resistance are important aspects.

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